My Background


As a keen musician from an early age, I always wanted to show off my collection of guitars instead of leaving them to collect dust leant up against a wall. So I designed these showcases to show off your pride and joy. Be it a guitar, saxophone, violin or even a trumpet, we can cater to your very own instrument.

Have you got a collection of matchbox cars, dolls, figures, trophies? Anything you want to put on display with a showcase that shouts out look at me! We can do it!

About us


We welcome you to Soundcase and thank you for visiting our website.

Newly formed in 2018 with drive and passion for our unique musical instrument, memorabilia and collectibles display units, we are bringing our quality, bespoke and handmade designs to you.

Here at Soundcase we have extensive knowledge in design, manufacture and installation of your bespoke built display case to enhance your musical instrument, memorabilia or collectables..

We have over 20 years experience in the cabinet making and shopfitting industry, from top named Jewellery shops to restaurants, health care establishments, museums, artist galleries and high street stores.

Here at Soundcase we work with a wide range of materials to bring you the very best in showcase displays and create your very own unique designs.